Help Needed

We need your support

As a charity we will hope to raise additional funds to support initial set up costs and improvements to our facilities. On handover of the pavilion, the CCSA will be responsible for the purchase and supply of all furniture and equipment required to make full use of this facility.

We will look to grow over the coming months and years so that we are able to support local groups and clubs in using our facilities and build our community as it continues to expand.

What do we need?

First and foremost

We need your support and ideas. What do you as residents want to see the playing fields used for? We are open to anything that will not put unecessary wear and tear on the pitches. Please get in touch if you would like to start a club which could use our facilities in the future, football, cricket, running, archery to name a few examples.


We need your help in raising funds to help in running of our facilities.

The CCSA will need to cover running costs, such as utilities, and maintenance on the pavilion, through to line marking of the pitches and upkeep of the facilities. We intend to maintain charges at a reasonable level so that costs are covered. Ensuring that we keep our facilities accessible to as many of our residents as possible. We will operate a tied pricing structure to reflect the status of the customer, from local businesses down to local community groups and local residents.

If you know of any sponsorship or grant opportunities, or maybe you know someone who would be able to donate, please let us know via our contact us page.

Contact Us


We need your participation.

In order for the community of Cardea to flourish, we need as many people getting involved as possible. The lifeblood of a community are the people who live and work within it. The CCSA are driven to increase participation in sport and community activities in Cardea and the wider Stanground area. If you or your family want to get involved in playing sports or using our rooms, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Our trustees have experience in establishing and running a successful local sporting team, and we can provide advice and support to help you get started.

The more of us that get involved in playing sports, meeting with members of our community, and engaging in community activities, the more Cardea will be an even better place to live. That has to be in all our interest doesn’t it?