Inspired Martial Arts at Cardea

Inspired Martial Arts at Cardea

Cardea Community Sports Association welcome Jamie and his team as Inspired Martial Arts comes to Cardea.

Running classes every Thursday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm, the team are introducing their lessons to a new area of Peterborough.

Inspired Martial Arts was started by Jamie Johannes in 2011. The first class started at Eye Community Centre on Monday evenings from 5pm till 6pm. The class began with two students and steadily grew from there. Now Inspired Martial Arts has numerous classes over many locations as well as having after-school clubs in several schools. It is continually growing with the support of all the instructors.

Since the club started there is now a wide network of instructors and students across the country.

At Inspired they follow five key points that extend to all areas of what they do, these are confidence, respect, discipline focus and success.

Their aim with these points is that we will be able to help their students not just to progress in Martial Arts but in all areas of life. With the confidence to be themselves and pursue their personal goals no matter what they might be, their students are able to develop the discipline and focus to achieve their success.

In the club students will be able to progress and learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where they feel safe and free to learn without the fear of embarrassment or being judged, as Inspired Martial Arts strive to fight against bullying, upholding the standard that everyone in Inspired is a friendly and positive force to everyone around them.

This all comes together in their goal to offer each student everything they require to be a great martial artist plus the life skills to be a strong minded and confident individual.

Inspired accept and teach all abilities and standards. Everyone is welcome at Inspired, to us everyone is equal and we will help all students gain confidence, self-belief, self-respect and a sense of achievement.

Please go to their website for more details.


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